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If you are looking for affordable stretch tents in South Africa give us a call, Stretchy Tents is the market leader in the stretch tents manufacturing.
What makes us stand apart from our competitors is the quality we produce in our stretch tents which made us the best in this industry, because we manufacture from high-quality materials and we provide unique design for our customers to value their pockets. Our custom design and workmanship say a lot about our dedication to producing master products.

Stretchy tents  are the perfect solution for outdoor shelter or cover from the summer rainfall or extreme heat and here are a few ways you can use it. These tents are ideal for hosting weddings, braais, expos, conferences, parties, celebrations, events on the beach, outdoor garden patios and much, much more…

South Africa is one of the most popular functions and special event destinations in the world – not least thanks to its beautiful topography and excellent summer weather. So obviously there is a vast demand for exclusive outdoor events in the events industry. This demand relies on stretch tents that are custom-made and easily extended to create stylish temporary shelter. It is in this demanding market that Royal Stretch Tents has emerged as the supplier that can best meet the varied and detailed requirements of the events industry. So much so that South Africa is known as "the home of the stretch tent".


Our company is driven by a passion for quality workmanship. As such, our organic stretch tent fabrics and materials are manufactured by a team of specialists with many years of experience. We only use the latest welding and in-house-produced seam seal technologies.


UV Stabilized, Waterproof, PVC, Anti-microbial and anti-fungal

We utilise:

Poles, Rope, Pegs, Customised fittings

Available in:

Colors - beige, white, black, red, blue

What tent size do I need?

Deciding upon a tent size is heavily dependant on the crowd capacity that you are entertaining, space or location that you will utilise to host the event and your budget.

When choosing a tent size consider the following:

5m x 10m up to 100 people, 7m x 12m up to 200 people
9m x 15m up to 300 people

For events that require a larger capacity please contact us directly so that may quote you accordingly.